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13th Jun 2024

Audience laughs at Keir Starmer when he says his dad was a toolmaker

Charlie Herbert

keir starmer

Say the line, Keir

Keir Starmer was laughed at by an audience after he reminded them his dad was a toolmaker.

On Wednesday, the Labour leader was taking part in a Sky News election programme alongside Rishi Sunak in Grimsby in which they answered questions in front of a live studio audience.

But Starmer drew widespread groans and laughters when he told Sky News’ Beth Rigby that his father was a toolmaker.

You can watch the moment below.

If you’ve watched any of Starmer’s speeches or the TV addresses over the last year or so, you’ll no doubt be very familiar with the careers of his parents.

The 61-year-old seems very keen to remind the general public of his family background, and how his dad was a toolmaker and his mum was a nurse.

It seems the line may be wearing thin with some if the people of Grimsby are anything to go by though.

During last night’s programme, Rigby pressed the Holborn and St Pancras MP about his current financial situation and whether he would be willing to pay more tax.

Starmer admitted he “earns a lot of money now” and that he would be willing to “personally” pay more tax.

He added: “But when I grew up, my dad was a toolmaker, he worked in a factory.”

After widespread laughter from those in attendance at Grimsby Town Hall, he said: “It’s true – my mum was a nurse – and we couldn’t make ends meet. Which is not a laughing matter.”

With just three weeks until people go to the polls, this was one of the last TV debates Starmer will take part in before the election.

The next election programme takes place tonight on ITV, when Penny Mordaunt (Conservative Party), Angela Rayner (Labour Party), Daisy Cooper (Liberal Democrats), Stephen Flynn (SNP), Nigel Farage (Reform UK), Carla Denyer (Green Party) and Rhun ap Iorwerth (Plaid Cymru) will take part in a seven-way debate.

This will be broadcast on ITV1, ITVX, STV and STV Player from 8:30pm and will last 90 minutes.

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