A dog is running for mayor in a Canadian city 8 months ago

A dog is running for mayor in a Canadian city

It's ruff at the top.

You must be barking mad to consider a career as a politician because it really is a dog eat dog world.

People always have a bone to pick with you, constituents are barking to get things done and your political rivals are always looking to take a bite out of you.

Despite these drawbacks, it's clear that only one candidate has what it takes to govern the town of St John’s in Newfoundland, Canada.

Finn, a five-year-old Australian cattle dog, has launched his campaign to be top dog in the local election and we fully endorse his campaign.

In an interview with the Toronto Sun, Finn's owner has said that he's "a tireless worker. All cattle dogs are. He’s my buddy more so than anything but he’s trained for a bunch of different behaviours, so we just decided to create some roles for him."


His owner and campaign manager, Glenn Redmond, says that running for mayor is something Finn has been thinking about for a while.

Sadly, Mr Redmond conceded that Finn’s name won’t appear on the ballot paper on September 26, but we're going to start the campaign to get Finn's name onto the ballot.

In Finn we trust!