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28th May 2024

YouTube star Speed ‘hospitalised’ after attending Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling

Charlie Herbert

speed cheese rolling

‘I have to go to the hospital’

YouTuber Speed said he required hospital treatment after he took part in the famous Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling event.

iShowSpeed decided to participate in the bizarre annual event, which sees people hurl themselves down a steep hillside near Tewkesbury pursuit of a 3kg wheel of Gloucester Cheese.

It’s a pretty dangerous event, with injuries very common, and it was no different for the YouTuber. During his participation in the first men’s race, he sustained an injury in a fall down the hillside.

The social media star had injured his leg in the event, and was asked by a BBC reporter whether it was a fracture.

Pointing to his leg, he said: “You see that blood right there?”

He explained that he aggravated a previous leg injury, adding: “It bruises and swells up. So I have to go to the hospital after.”

He didn’t seem to have any regrets though.

When asked if the injury was worth it, he replied: “Hell yeah! It looks scary but once that first slide is done, you’re like, ‘You know what, I can do this’.

“I want to do it again because I know how to win now. I won fourth place my first time with no technique, with no videos.”

Speed managed to finish fourth in his race, with the BBC reporting that he received treatment in the medical tent.

It seems like he has the bug now though, as he told the broadcaster that he wants to come back to the event to have another crack at it.

“I want to do it again. I know how to win,” he said. 

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