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21st Apr 2016

WWE icon Mick Foley pays a particularly poignant tribute to Chyna

Colm Boohig

“I pray that somehow in death, you can find the peace that eluded you so frequently during the latter years of your remarkable life.”

The WWE universe, both past and present, are mourning the sudden death of a legend in the business, Chyna, aka. Joan Laurer, who has died at the age of 45.

Chyna was a truly pioneering figure, especially for women, in the company during the late ’90s and early ’00s; an extremely popular period in WWE folklore.

While the tributes have been coming in their droves, these words from Mick Foley about the kind human behind the character of Chyna deeply resonate.

From reading this anecdote about her relationship with Foley’s family and their recent reunion, it seems as though Laurer’s tough exterior on camera greatly contrasted with her generous nature off it.

It’s clear that the man has been greatly impacted by the news.