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11th Jul 2022

Woman wins legal battle with Deliveroo after her ‘baconator’ and chips arrives three hours late

Charlie Herbert

Woman wins legal battle against Deliveroo

Her victory may now see customers in the future launch similar claims

A woman has won a legal battle against Deliveroo after the burger and chips she ordered arrived three hours late.

Fae Holliday, from Leeds, had ordered a “baconator” and chips on the app and was told that the food would arrive within 30 minutes.

But she ended up going to bed without her food, which arrived after midnight – a full three hours later.

The 27-year-old therefore refused to pay for the meal – which cost a pricey £37.50 – and demanded a refund from Deliveroo.

Deliveroo ignored her complaint though and charged her the full price.

Holliday therefore decided to take them to court, where the firm offered no evidence and settled for £75.

The settlement may now pave the way for customers to raise similar claims against the company now that a precedent has been set.

Holliday told the Sun: “I took a stand and I’m so pleased I won not just for me, but for other people.

“I tried to get a refund from Deliveroo but it was like talking to a robot.

“I spent an hour arguing with them so I decided to give them a headache. If I’d lost, I’d have faced some hefty fees.”

A Deliveroo spokesperson said: “We were sorry to hear of Ms Holliday’s experience.

“We are pleased to have reached a resolution and the claim has been settled.”

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