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07th Jan 2022

Woman says men love to date her until they find out her real age

Steve Hopkins

You won’t believe it!

A woman has stunned the internet by revealing she is about twice as old as she looks.

TikTok user @princessaprilxo told her followers about a dilemma she has in a post in December that has now clocked up over 8 million views.

In the post, the woman explains that she gets plenty of attention from men – but things get awkward when they find out her age.

“Mens like me until I tell them my age,” she wrote in the video, where she then reveals her age to be 44 and says, “nobody wants a cougar”.

@princessaprilxonobody wants a cougar ?♬ Kiss Me More (feat. SZA) – Doja Cat

Viewers were somewhat shocked by the woman’s real age reveal. But amidst the 41,000 comments, there were plenty of compliments.

“25, 44, same thing, adopt me,” one guy pleaded.

“I don’t think those were men, you must know a lot of boys hehe, age is nothing if the woman has a good personality and is true to herself,” advised one follower.

“Well you certainly don’t look 44 and any guy would be lucky to have a beautiful woman like you,” added another.

However, some viewers clearly didn’t believe what they were hearing: “I still don’t believe her,” wrote one. “No you’re not,” wrote another.

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