Best man horrified after catching friend’s wife cheating with bartender 7 months ago

Best man horrified after catching friend’s wife cheating with bartender

So brutally blasé, it hurts to watch

Footage of a groom's best man catching the bride cheating with a bartender at her own wedding has appeared online and now we're swearing into a pillow.


As featured in a post on the Reddit thread r/ActualPublicFreakouts, the 42-second clip sees the bride quickly rumbled as she seemingly dismounts the random bartender's lap and faces up to the camera.

The best man, James - clearly in disbelief and trying to control his anger - asks her what's going on, to which the bamboozled bride - clearly caught off guard and reaching for any words she can quickly think of - simply responds: "You know exactly what's going on."


The interaction isn't even that long but every second of it is pure pain; from her casually callous nature and flagrant admission of cheating - simply shrugging and saying "no" when the cameraman rhetorically asks if this is her husband - to the bartender himself getting out his phone to record as if he is the person catching someone in the act.

When asked who he is, the bartender even goes on to say, essentially, "yes but that's not all I am".

Naturally, pretty much everyone in the comments agreed that this wasn't the nicest life decision you could make (Reddit is hardly the most savoury place on the internet) but most of the responses were something along the lines of: "Groom dodged a bullet and is very lucky to have a best friend like him."

However, you'd be surprised (you absolutely wouldn't) that some people had the gall to victim blame and suggest that the anonymous groom - that no one knows let alone knows anything about his life - should have got the feeling his wife was capable of cheating with a bartender.


One person said: "There are guys like that, that refuse to see the red flags." While you might be right, it's not exactly on the poor bloke who no doubt had to have an extremely uncomfortable and upsetting conversation shortly after this video was taken.

The only thing left to say is well done James for catching her with her trousers down, almost quite literally, and were sorry for the poor groom but just glad he has the chance to start again.

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