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27th Aug 2022

Woman forced to phone police after opening mystery safe found in house bought at auction

Danny Jones

Woman calls police after opening mystery safe

She was left shocked upon discovering its contents

A woman in America had no other choice but to call the police after she unearthed a number of unexpected and controversial items from a mystery safe.

Stumbling upon the large, 4,000lb lockbox situated within an LA home she recently purchased at auction, influencer Tiffany Ma set about hiring a contractor to crack it open, who spent hours sawing and chipping away at the safe before revealing its contents.

As you can see in the clip posted to her TikTok, among the likes of cash and jewellery you would expect to find inside a safe, the 28-year-old found a number of sensitive objects.

@misstiffanyma Replying to @joyfulgordotv here’s everything we found in the 4000 lb safe! #theflip #fixerupper #renovation #homerenovation ♬ Buttercup – Jack Stauber

In addition to family heirlooms, the excavation team found engagement rings, rare old currency, what looked to be a set of medals and a bunch of photos that Ma claims “could definitely be used as blackmail”.

Perhaps one of the most incredible things she found amongst the treasure trove was a World War II dagger that she says belonged to a Nazi soldier. Moreover, beyond having to blur markings on the handle of the blade itself, she goes on to explain how they weren’t even legally allowed to show some of the things they found after having gotten the police involved.

To make things even more interesting, just days prior they received a top from an unknown caller who said the property had been broken into and they could visibly see some had tried to open the safe before they got there.

Then a few days later after getting the keys to the property, a young man claiming to be the nephew of the house’s previous owner asked Tiffany and partner Matt to hand over the contents of the safe. It remains unclear as to who the items belonged and their exact nature.

After getting in touch with local authorities, the pair learned that the previous owner had died without a will and with so much intrigue surrounding the house, they ultimately decided to knock it down and start from scratch.

You can see the full video detailing what was found during the fourth episode of her home renovation series down below:

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