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16th Feb 2023

Woman accused of beheading her lover attacks lawyer in court

Jack Peat

Footage shows the 25-year-old suspect burst into a fit of rage

A woman accused of beheading her lover viciously attacked her lawyer in court following a judge’s ruling.

Taylor Schabusiness is awaiting trial for the gruesome killing of Shad Thyrion in February 2022.

The 25-year-old suspect has been accused of strangling Thyrion after they smoked meth together, with Schabusiness telling police she went ‘crazy’ while they had sex.

It is alleged that she played with and performed sexual activity on Thyrion’s body for around ‘two to three hours’ before dismembering and decapitating him with a bread knife.

Appearing in Brown County circuit court, Schabusiness hit out at her lawyer after Quinn Jolly asked Judge Thomas J Walsh to get the court date pushed forward in order to reevaluate whether his client is fit for trial.

When the judge agreed to the request, suggesting to move it from 6th March to 15th May, Schabusiness lunged at the defence attorney and appeared to attempt to elbow him in the face.

Just seconds later, a security guard tackled her to the ground and restrained her.

Following the outburst, the judge adjourned the suspect’s competency hearing until 6th March, when she was originally meant to stand trial.

Meanwhile, Jolly announced his intention to file a motion to have himself removed from the case as Schabusiness’ lawyer.

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