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06th Jun 2023

Wild goat pushes female hiker, 64, off cliff in Spain – then knocks her friend unconscious

Steve Hopkins

The woman fell 20m before landing on a ledge

A mountain goat pushed a 64-year-old tourist off a cliff and then attacked her two friends, knocking one unconscious.

The trio hiked into the ibex’s territory in Spain on May 28.

The Dutch woman was shunted off the cliff’s edge, plummeting 20 meters, before landing on a ledge.

The woman, who has not been named, broke both wrists but escaped with her life in what could have been a fatal incident in the Alpujarra hills of Granada, southern Spain.

The goat then turned its attention to the Dutch tourist’s companions, two Belgian hikers.

Murcia Today reports that one was knocked unconscious.

A local shephard found the two injured Belgians and a rescue helicopter transported them to a local hospital.

Rescuers did not immediately find the Dutch woman and stopped searching at 9pm due to poor weather conditions.

Emergency services later found the woman, but the weather meant she was unable to be airlifted out.

Rescues spent the night sheltering her in an abandoned farmhouse, before transporting her to hospital the following day.

Iberian ibex are particularly aggressive this time of year as it is breeding season.

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