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19th Nov 2023

Widespread snow heading for the UK

Snow forecast

Get the hats and gloves out

Winter is well and truly coming as snow is predicted to hit the UK.

According to some advanced weather modelling maps, heavy snowfall is expected across the country while the Met Office have said there is possibility of “showers of a wintry flavour”.

It looks as if snow will spread across large parts of the UK from the midlands right up to northern parts of Scotland.

The Met Office forecast from yesterday (November 17) said: “Temperatures will most-likely be around average for the period as a whole, but as is normal in December, occasional frost and showers of a wintry flavour are possible.”

But according to the Daily Star, weather maps from WX Charts have stated that 2 December is when we can expect the first signs of snowfall.

It seems as if we should be preparing for a heavy amount of snow too, with the forecast prediction saying that it could down at 2 cm per hour in the Midlands and the north of England.

Exacta Weather forecaster James Madden said we should expect “one to two” wintry blasts towards the end of the month and into early December.

He added: “However, as we get nearer the time, it is now also becoming increasingly likely that we will see some of this snow reaching some much lower levels of the country, and even parts as far south as the Midlands, Central/Southern England will be brought into the mix for snow within this period too.”

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