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06th Mar 2023

Wakey Wines raided by police looking for Class A drugs

Charlie Herbert

Police closed the shop and brought in sniffer dogs

Wakey Wines has reportedly been subject to a police raid for Class A drugs.

Owner Mohammad Azir Nazir took to the store’s TikTok account, which has nearly 750,000 followers, to show a document declaring that nothing had been found in his shop.

The Wakefield business has become well-known on the video-sharing platform for TikToks of customers buying Prime energy drink there.

In the video, Nazir said West Yorkshire Police closed his shop for an hour and a half and brought police dogs in.

But he thanked them for their work, saying they were “only doing their job.”

“Thank you very much West Yorkshire Police, you’ve done a great job, so that proves it – bossman at Wakey Wines is a legit guy,” he says in the video, holding the document.

Nazir has previously spent time in prison for drug dealing, but said in the video he is a “changed man” and has left that life behind.

@wakey_winesofficial Just to clear up any rumours! & Videos that are circulating about todays police activity! We Have nothing to hide!!?? #wakeywines #notwakeylines #operate #wfdsweets #taxpayers #notguilty #police #fyp #viral ♬ original sound – Bingo Bingo Gala Bingo?

“Thank you to my haters, I’ve got a big surprise for you,” he said. “So carry on hating me, you do what you’re going to do, I’ll do what I’m going to do, me and my team.”

He said nothing illegal had been found in his shop before telling customers he was back open for business.

He ended his video with his catchphrase: “What’s the best shop in Wakey? Wakey Wines!”

Earlier this year, Wakey Wines was banned from TikTok before the platform quickly reversed the decision.

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