Video shows full-horror of Britain's filthiest home - that will take a team of six a week to clear 6 months ago

Video shows full-horror of Britain's filthiest home - that will take a team of six a week to clear

The rubbish includes human hair and a collection of two-litre bottles full of urine

A horrifying video shows the inside of what might just be Britain's filthiest home.


The three-bed semi-detached property in Plymouth is so full of rubbish it is expected to take a team of six an entire week to clear.

Not only is it piled high with bags of rubbish, but there are piles of human hair and bottles of urine at the property and the walls are covered in mould.

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It is being sold at auction later this month with a guide price of £110k - 70k less than other similar homes in the area.

And to the relief of potential purchases, it is being cleared before the exchange.

Pictures and video from the house show a collection of two-litre bottles stacked in the corner of the living room filled with pee, a sea of unrecycled old milk bottles in the kitchen, and a toilet that might never have been cleaned.

One member of the public who was invited inside the house said you couldn't move for the waste and described the house as a "toxic wasteland".


Auction House, which is marketing the property, said it was so bad they hadn't even been able to access some of the rooms yet.

Nonetheless, a spokesperson still tried to sell its best features: "The property has generous sized accommodation, however, is in need of renovation throughout.

"Due to the current condition of the property we have been unable to access all rooms and further details will be added in due course."


The Devon home is currently obscured by ivy and greenery owing to the lack of any gardening done, and the pathway to the front door is obstructed by a wall of nettles and vines.

As you enter the home, the floor is covered in a blanket of rubbish that goes all the way up the stairs including old newspapers, bottles, bags, and cans.

The kitchen, towards the rear of the property, is also in a shocking state with the floor covered by rubbish from milk bottles and egg cartons to pizza boxes.

The fridge remains fully stocked but totally rotten - much like several areas of the walls that have collapsed due to damage or fallen away from rot.

The toilet basin is covered in thick layers of grime like something out of the middle ages.


Witnesses said all rooms were a tip bar one - with the only habitable room being one solitary bedroom.

One said: "It was horrible to think anyone lived like that. It was really grim. There was rubbish everywhere - including a large pile of human hair."

The property, once apparently owned by an elderly couple who have since passed away, is thought to be owned by their son - who seemingly became overwhelmed by keeping it clean and allowed it to collapse into a state of decay.

The son has since disappeared, with his whereabouts remaining unknown and the home being considered abandoned by Plymouth City Council.

The new owners have been warned they will still have their work cut out but will receive the property in a clean state with an army of cleaners set to descend on the home.

The property will be sold at auction via live stream on November 18 by Auction House Devon & Cornwall.

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