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23rd Mar 2019

Uri Geller urges Britons to ‘telepathically stop’ Brexit at the same ‘very mystical time’

uri geller

Cometh the hour, cometh the man

Less than a day after his letter to Theresa May, in which he urged the prime minister to halt Brexit lest he “telepathically” do it himself, spoon bender and former friend of Michael Jackson has urged all Britons to use their own telepathic power to send messages to Theresa May’s mind.

Geller on Friday wrote an open letter to May, which was handed exclusively to Jewish Telegraph, in which he reminisced about their friendship, including the time – three years before she became PM – that he showed her “Winston Churchill’s spoon” in his Cadillac, which he asked her to touch. The spoon, not the Cadillac, presumably.

In this latest public intervention Geller has stated that he will transmit his psychic energy into May’s mind at the “very mystical time” of 11.11 in the morning and evening – traditionally the spookiest time of the day. He will do this every day until people stop paying attention to him Brexit is finally stopped.

He has said that he will also visualise her signing a document revoking Article 50, as well as visualising her making the decision to hold a second Brexit referendum.

“I urge and plea with the people to think – even if it’s for a few seconds – at 11.11am and 11.11pm, to send Theresa May that message to revoke article 50 and remain in the EU,” he said.

“Energy can be transmitted, energy can be received and the collective energy of people who want to achieve something is massive.”

There you go folks. Set your alarms and get your mindset right. This is our only hope.