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25th Apr 2017

To celebrate 10 years of ‘Chocolate Rain’, Tay Zonday releases new ‘acoustic’ version

Some stay dry and others feel the pain

Rich Cooper

If your aching knees and crippling debt didn’t already, the knowledge that it’s been 10 years since ‘Chocolate Rain’ will really make you feel old.

The video sensation was one of the early wave of viral videos to take off on YouTube, racking up 112 million views over the decade. Zonday has continued pursuing music through all this time and has done pretty well for himself, with over a million subscribers on YouTube.

If you’re not familiar with ‘Chocolate Rain’, it’s not only one of the greatest viral videos, it’s quite simply one of the best songs ever recorded. Listen to it. Now.

We’re only half joking – even though ‘Chocolate Rain’ is a funny refrain and the backing track is, er, relentless, the lyrics are actually pretty insightful and poetic.

Chocolate Rain
Some stay dry and others feel the pain
Chocolate Rain
A baby born will die before the sin

Chocolate Rain
The school books say it can’t be here again
Chocolate Rain
The prisons make you wonder where it went

Deep, no?

To celebrate 10 years since his breakout hit, Zonday has released a special acoustic version of the song that made him an internet legend. It’s Tay stripping things back to basics: just a piano and his signature baritone voice.