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26th Jan 2022

‘Time traveller from 2714’ reveals when the zombie apocalypse will take place and how it begins

Charlie Herbert

Zombie apocalypse

Better start prepping

A ‘time traveller’ on TikTok has claimed that a zombie apocalypse will hit the Earth in 2033.

Known as @aesthetictimewarper on the social media platform, the ‘time traveller’ who says they is from the year 2714, delivered the shocking news to their 1.2m – yes, that’s 1,200,000 – followers.

The harrowing zombie prediction has been viewed more than 58,000 times and received more than 2,000 likes.

The apocalypse apparently will start after one person gets stung by a hornet with ‘odd chemicals in its stinger,’ which in fairness is an original way for a zombie apocalypse to start.

Don’t get too down though, because a cure is apparently found a few years later.


@aesthetictimewarper I’m trying to help you all… #fyp #fypage #timetraveler #timetravel #timewarper #zombie #xyzbca #viral ♬ ScArYyY – sav.scar.pov

Among their other predictions are that on February 2 the Lost City of Atlantis will be discovered, and that in April a new ‘omega’ strain of Covid will be discovered, prompting a fresh worldwide lockdown.

They also claim that on March 9 an asteroid will be discovered that will hit Earth in 2056.

So it sounds like we’ve got quite the few years ahead of us. Zombie apocalypse in 2033 followed by asteroid hitting Earth 23 years later.

Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

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