This is why Little Mix are bizarrely being accused of anti-feminism and racism 4 years ago

This is why Little Mix are bizarrely being accused of anti-feminism and racism

This is a stretch even for the internet.

Little Mix are a pop band, and a very successful one. They are made up of young women in their early to mid-twenties who have been dressed, designed and directed by publicists and record companies for the last six years.


Many young fans find their songs and success inspiring and empowering, and if that helps develop in them a level of self-worth and confidence, that's brilliant. What Little Mix are not are seasoned politics or social activists.

Believe it or not, being made to answer questions on politics have resulted in them being accused of ignorance, anti-feminism and even racism.

Appearing on American radio on the Zach Sang Show, the quartet were put on the spot for their views on Theresa May and Donald Trump. They were asked whether they took part in the Women's March, which they obviously couldn't answer in the affirmative due to their promotional schedule.

Quizzed on whether they liked Theresa May, they answered "Of course, a bit of girl power there...", which was somehow seen as tacit approval for her policies.

Then they were asked whether they felt Trump should be banned from visiting the UK. Imagine the furore and anger they would have received for the rest of their tour had they said 'yes'. The response from Jade was a simple "We welcome visitors!"

This was enough for throngs of fans and critics alike to express deep disappointment in their stance and accuse them of condoning Trump's personal misogyny and racist policies and rhetoric...




Thankfully many came to their defence, and shot down the accusations as overblown nonsense. They also made the very valid argument that "We welcome visitors" was the very opposite of what Trump preaches and it was in fact a great response...


For the record, here's footage of the group being far less complimentary of the under-fire POTUS...