The Australian cricket team are pretty hungover this morning 7 years ago

The Australian cricket team are pretty hungover this morning

After celebrating their World Cup victory over New Zealand, the Australian cricket team appeared at an event in Melbourne earlier today and it's fair to say that they look a little hungover...



It appears that cricket legend and self-styled party boy Shane Warne goaded the boozy Baggy Greens into an epic 24-hour session after some remarkable post-match interviews where he repeatedly asks if the players will be on the p*ss soon.

“Are you feeling thirsty?” Warne asked wicketkeeper Brad Haddin.

“Are you gonna have a bit of a drink tonight too Smitty? Gonna get thirsty as well? The boys are thirsty they seem,” he asked in his interview with Steve Smith.


Jeez. Do you fancy a drink, Shane mate?

This morning in Melbourne, even the official Cricket Australia Twitter account implied their boys were a bit bleary-eyed.


From our own hard-won experience, we know it’s never wise to push an Aussie to drink - what were you thinking, Warnie?

Top image: darren_lehmann/Twitter