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12th Oct 2020

Teens dance back-to-back at prom to maintain social distancing


This is 2020

A video which appears to show a group of teens dancing back to back at a prom in order to maintain social distancing has gone viral.

The video shows a full hall of boys and girls in formal wear, dancing with their arms hooked together.

The unique dances moves don’t seem to allow much movement, so they are all shuffling around a little bit like penguins, making sure they do not get too close to each other.

They are all of course wearing masks.

There is not much information on the video, which has spread through social media on Monday.

Many have suggested the video is from the Czech Republic, based on the language being spoken by the MC.

The video ends with the person filming it turning the camera on themselves, shaking his head. Noticeably, he is not wearing his mask properly, with it not coving his nose.

The video has understandably provoked a wide range of reactions.

Many felt sorry for the kids dancing, with one user saying “This is not funny, this is tragic.”