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16th Mar 2022

Specially-made LEGO of Zelenskyy and Molotov cocktails raise money for Ukraine

Danny Jones

LEGO Molotov cocktails and Zelensky figurines

Never thought we’d see a LEGO Molotov cocktail

In an effort to raise money for Ukraine amid the ongoing Russian invasion, a team of custom LEGO builders in Chicago have created mini Molotov cocktails and a tiny figurine of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

As shared on the nation’s official Instagram account, you can see dozens of tiny, flaming green bottles with Ukraine’s blue and yellow flag plastered across the front, as well as a cartoon version of Zelenskyy in the same military-esque jumpsuit we have seen him record so many messages in.

While you might not often associate LEGO and its primarily young audience with warfare, its custom nature means almost anything goes, with numerous references to guns and weapons appearing in the Danish company’s actual product lines.

That being said, it is rather surprising to see something so synonymous with real-world guerilla warfare represented in playful, multi-coloured plastic toys.

In similarly surreal fashion, the caption quips: “Lego, reserve some bricks for us, we will need them to rebuild our cities and villages” – another light-hearted aspect of the global response to Ukraine’s situation rubbing up against the grim reality of war.

Nevertheless, Citizen Brick – the Chicago-based company behind the designs – is said to have raised over $16,000 for Ukraine thanks to the idea, with the funds being put towards medical and humanitarian aid thanks to the Direct Relief non-profit.

Having announced a sale on the specific products on March 5 – just over a week after President Putin decided to invade Ukraine – and shipped all of their units already, raising additional funds through direct donations on their Facebook page, the company is now making the next batch as soon as they can.

The first round of mini-figs were said to have sold out almost immediately and employees are now coming in on days off to help get the next lot ready as soon as possible. What a way to make a difference – props to all those involved.

Once they have restocked, you can grab your LEGO Molotov cocktails and Zelensky figurines here.

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