Brave Zelensky shares video from Presidential palace to prove he's not hiding in bunker 5 months ago

Brave Zelensky shares video from Presidential palace to prove he's not hiding in bunker

Defiant, angered and impassioned, Zelensky didn't mince his words

Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelenskyy has issued a message to his people and the world from the presidential palace to prove to Russian that he is not hiding in his bunker.


Having already released many messages of hope and determination, President Zelenskyy posted the following video to his Facebook page on March 7; the message to Ukraine and Vladimir Putin is clear: "I'm not hiding... I'm not afraid of anyone".


I stay in Kyiv.
On Bankova Street.
I’m not hiding.
And I'm not afraid of anyone.
As much as it takes to win this Patriotic War of ours.

Posted by Володимир Зеленський on Monday, March 7, 2022

Zelenskyy goes on to say that he will stay in Kyiv "as long as it takes to win our patriotic war" and that all of Ukraine will "contribute to [their] victory... By force of arms and our army, by force of our words, our diplomacy... by force of spirit".

Speaking in an earlier speech thought to have been filmed from the same location in, Ukraine's defiant figurehead also said "We will not forgive, we will not forget" vowing to "find every bastard which shot at our cities, our peoples; which bombed our lands, which launched rockets... There will be no quiet place on this earth for you."


This powerful and punitive speech came after videos of innocent civilians trying to flee the warzone appeared to be purposely targeted by Russian forces despite numerous attempts to hold a ceasefire and allow citizens to evacuate.

It is thought that more than 2000 civilians have already been killed as a result of Russian shelling and indiscriminate attacks on the Ukrainian people.

President Zelenskyy looked visibly distressed when discussing specific footage of "a man, a woman and two children" being killed "right on the road… when they were just trying to get out of town".


While Putin accuses Western sanctions as being "akin to a declaration of war", the evidence is plain to see what real war looks like in Ukraine and its people show no signs of backing down to protect what is rightly theirs.

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