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07th Dec 2021

Shocking video shows CEO fire 900 people on Zoom call

Danny Jones

fires 900 people on a Zoom call

A brutal one-minute watch

In a truly agonisingly clip, watch as a CEO fires 900 people on a Zoom call.

Careful though – believe us when we say this one’s utterly brutal and genuinely painful to watch. CEO, Vishal Garg, held a meeting on the popular video conferencing app Zoom – an app that’s legacy, at worst, would have been remembered for crap quizzes during lockdown, staring at nothing but you’re own gorgeous face on the screen and swearing at co-workers after forgetting to hit mute.

This trumps the lot. Strap in.

As you can see in the utterly brutal minute-long clip, one of Garg’s unfortunate employees films the screen as the 43-year-old begins his address rather ominously. When you hear phrases such as “I come to you with not great news”, “this isn’t news you’re gonna want to hear” and “the last time I did [this] I cried” – it’s never going to end well, is it?

Garg goes on to explain that everyone currently in the call is part of the “unlucky group being laid off”, adding that their “employment here is terminated effective immediately”. You can then hear the person behind the camera utter a deep but restrained sigh as the shock of the announcement undoubtedly hit home hard.

According to Forbes, the company’s chief financial officer (CFO) said that they dismissed around 9 per cent of its workforce following the call which was said to have lasted three minutes, with one person describing it as being “dumped like trash”.

However, the Independent has since reported that the percentage is closer to 15 per cent across its locations in US and India.

With Christmas on the way, the timing of this ruthless move, regardless of how much higher-ups didn’t want to do this, couldn’t be worse. We can only hope that that affected receive generous compensation and find work again soon.

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