Elon Musk is being roasted for his super-villain haircut 8 months ago

Elon Musk is being roasted for his super-villain haircut

It's a bold look, to say the least

Elon Musk has unveiled a new look and Twitter has had a field day, roasting the billionaire for what seems to be the latest development in his transition into a real-life supervillain.


The Tesla founder and world's richest man unveiled his swirly mohawk haircut when he was photographed landing in Miami for art-world networking event Art Basel on Wednesday night - and social media lapped it up.


Of course, old Elon isn't a person who gets a lot of sympathy from the general public - what with him being a billionaire and all - and after the photo emerged, people couldn't resist mocking him for his trim.

One person had a succinct description for his new hair style...


Another suggested that he should suffer financial repercussions for the new look.

And many had the same observation: it seems like he is really embodying the supervillain persona.


Some saw the similarity between Musk and Gary Oldman's Zorg from The Fifth Element...


While others thought it was more like Roger Klotz from Doug...

After a somewhat tumultuous year for Musk, that has seen him split from his long-time partner Grimes, get into an argument with the UN about food poverty and ask his Twitter followers to decide whether he should sell some Tesla stocks, it seems he is really embracing a full-on mid-life crisis.

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