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07th Dec 2021

Salt Bae customer claims staff member refused £10 tip

Charlie Herbert

The man made the claim in an online review, giving the restaurant one star

A diner at Salt Bae’s Knightsbridge restaurant has claimed that staff turned down a £10 tip.

Restaurant Nusr-Et, by Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe aka Salt Bae, has made headlines in recent weeks for its ludicrous prices and gold-covered steaks.

However it seems like not everyone has left his establishment happy, with one man leaving an online review of one star out of five, saying he’d eaten “better steak at Wetherspoons” and claiming that staff refused to take his £10 tip.

Matthew Hynes wrote on Tripadvisor: “The only reason we came here was to prove that it’s popular because of the media hype.

“Given only 30 minutes to finish the meal with a service that can only be described as robotic and false. The steak had little flavour and we’ve had better steaks at Wetherspoons on steak day!

He went on to describe Salt Bae as the “biggest act of the year.”

He finished: “To top it off we got asked if a tip is possible by the server. When we offered £10 they refused it and shook their head. Keep up the great act Salt Bae.”

Mathew Hynes described Salt Bae as the ‘biggest act of the year’ (credit: Tripadvisor)

Other highlights from Salt Bae’s restaurant in the last couple of months include staff not being able to afford a side of broccoli with their hourly wage and former employees of his suing him for $1 million.

Salt Bae recently announced that he would be leaving his London restaurant to open a new one in Saudi Arabia.

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