Seven die in UK from blood clots after AstraZeneca vaccine 9 months ago

Seven die in UK from blood clots after AstraZeneca vaccine

The MHRA say the benefits continue to outweigh any risk

Seven people in the UK have died from unusual blood clots after receiving the Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine, a report has highlighted.


According to the BBC, who obtained the data from regulator The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), a total of 30 people out of the 18 million to receive the jab by March 24 developed clots.

It is still unknown if the clots are a side effect of the vaccine or merely a coincidence but the MHRA stressĀ the benefits continue to outweigh any risk.

The report comes after several European countries have introduced precautionary suspensions of the AstraZeneca vaccine, despite the European Medicines Agency dismissing suggestions the jab increased the risk of blood clots.

Germany became one of the latest major European nations to introduce a temporary ban after its medicine regulator, the Paul Ehrlich Institute, warned against giving it to those under the age of 60. France, the Netherlands and Canada have also opted to limit its use to older people.

UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock also said last month that the AstraZeneca vaccine was safe after the likes of the Republic of Ireland decided to temporarily suspend its use.

Investigations to determine if the AstraZeneca vaccine causes the clots are underway.