Salt Bae's London restaurant is being flooded with negative reviews 6 months ago

Salt Bae's London restaurant is being flooded with negative reviews

There are only two positive reviews on Tripadvisor

If there is one thing Salt Bae knows how to do well, it's snagging those headlines and getting people talking - but negative reviews have begun to pop up and unfortunately they outnumber the positive ones.


Of the seven reviews currently on review site Tripadvisor, four of them give the extortionate restaurant a single solitary star.

One review, which referred to it as "overpriced TikTok food", did not hold back when critiquing Salt Bae's latest venture.


They wrote: "We've had far better steaks at all the other top steak houses in London and for a fraction of the price. You pretty much pay so you can show off on Instagram or TikTok. So glad I didn't foot the bill. My director was absolutely appalled at the prices and said he would never step foot in a Nusr-et ever again."

Another review says they were made to eat outside after restaurant staff couldn't find their reservation. Given the fact that it's currently mid-October, the weather was expectedly freezing. If you thought the food might warm them up, you would be incorrect - as it also arrived cold.

"I thought this was a joke….unfortunately, it's not! Inferior food….and massively overhyped prices! The steaks were barely edible, and the prices bring water to the eyes… I've had better kebabs in Knightsbridge for under £7.00! The whole experience was shocking!" another dissatisfied customer wrote.


But that isn't to say everyone hates the so-called "most expensive kebab shop".

A happy customer wrote: "The steak is to die for and the service was 10 out of 10."


Another positive review focused on the creator himself, writing: "The piece de resistance was Nusret / Salt Bae himself who put on a heck of a show - brandishing knives that were like machetes which actually had sparks of fire coming out of them, and cutting the steaks with a flourish worthy of the best Turkish fighter ready for battle. Yes, it was expensive but worth every single penny!"

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