Video shows teens joyriding steamroller through a housing estate 1 month ago

Video shows teens joyriding steamroller through a housing estate

Picture me rolling!

A group of teenagers has been videoed joyriding - on a steamroller.


The high-spirited teens were seen bouncing around on the industrial piece of equipment as it rolled through a housing estate in Ayr, Ayrshire, Scotland earlier this month.

The steamroller was later found abandoned and has since been reunited with its owner after the illicit outing on October 13, around 10pm.

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Aaron Jardine, 28, who filmed the video said: "I couldn’t believe my eyes at first and was just hoping they never ran over anyone in it.

"But at the same time, it was good to see some of the young ones rebelling a bit.

"The worlds changed that much past couple years people just seem scared to do or talk about things.


"It was a good laugh and I’m glad nobody was hurt."

A Police Scotland spokesperson confirmed it received a report that youths has stolen a tarmac roller and were driving along Whitletts Road.

"Officers traced the machinery in the Russell Drive area and it has been returned to the owners. "Enquiries are ongoing."

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