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14th Aug 2023

Ryanair ‘charge elderly couple £110 to print boarding passes’

Joseph Loftus

“Shame on you.”

A woman has taken to social media to call out Ryanair who she claims charged her elderly parents £110 to print out their boarding passes.

The anonymous woman says that her parents are in their 70s and 80s and had accidentally downloaded the return boarding pass instead of the outgoing one.

The two had already checked in and had paid extra in order to sit next to each other. The woman claims they did this so her mother could make sure her disabled husband was okay throughout the flight.

Instead of resolving the simple mistake, the woman claims they charged them £110 instead.

Taking to Twitter, the woman wrote: “Hey @Ryanair, my parents who are in their 70s and 80s, had accidentally downloaded the return flight boarding card instead of the outgoing ones and you charged them £110 to print them at the airport.

“£110 for 2 pieces of paper which took 1 minute. Shame on you.”

At the time of writing the post has had a massive 120,000 likes in just a matter of hours and understandably most of those in the replies were infuriated with Ryanair.

One person wrote: “Ryanair are the worst airline. Avoid at all costs.” Another said: “C’mon Ryanair. Do the right thing. It’s really very simple.”

A third wrote: “This happened to me in 2013. Was 70 euro then. Good to see they’re keeping up with inflation.”

Another shared her own story, writing: “You could get in touch with @askryanair but they are beyond useless. I slipped and fell boarding a Ryanair flight because the floor was slippy in March. The airline took until July to investigate only to come to the conclusion that nobody could remember the incident.”

LBC host, James O’Brien has since shared the tweet to his many millions of followers so a response from Ryanair is surely imminent.

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