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23rd May 2019

Ricky Gervais says people milkshaking politicians ‘deserve a smack in the mouth’

Are you surprised

Oli Dugmore

Ricky Gervais condemns milkshaking right wing politicians

Are you surprised

Prominent right wing politicians have been met across the UK with a wave of lactose-based protest.

Nigel Farage, Tommy Robinson (Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) and Sargon of Akkad (Carl Benjamin) have all been milkshaked in recent days.

Some have decried the form of protest as unnecessarily violent. Others, that milkshake is harmless and a demonstration of how little threat the far-right poses – rather than being met with violence, its proponents are simply doused in fast food products having become objects of ridicule.

Ricky Gervais has escalated that though, suggesting the milkshakers “deserve a smack in the mouth.”

He tweeted: “I’m not sure someone finding something entertaining always justifies it.

“What I won’t do is throw things at them. That would mean I had run out of good arguments. It would also mean I deserve a smack in the mouth.”

One response posited: “But the habit of chucking perishables at figures in public life in order to humiliate and embarrass goes back to Roman times. Rotten fruit at bad actors, eggs at politicians etc. What’s key for me is intent. Did the bloke who lobbed a milkshake underarm mean Farage any harm?”

Ricky responded: “You’d have to ask him.”

But he does love dogs, so he’s alright, I guess?