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12th Sep 2022

Queen’s beloved corgis will be cared for by Prince Andrew

Charlie Herbert

Corgis to be cared for by Prince Andrew

The corgis – and one dorgi – had been a gift to the Queen from Andrew

Prince Andrew has been left to care for the Queen’s corgis following her death last week.

Candy, Muick and Sandy will be moved into the home of the Duke of York, with the trio seen as “family” by Her Majesty.

The late monarch was known for her deep affection for the breed.

But Candy is not actually a corgi, and is in fact part dachshund – a dorgi.

The canines will have to get used to a bit less space though. Whereas before they had the roam of 775 rooms at Buckingham Palace or 1,000 rooms in Windsor Castle, they will now have just 30 rooms to explore at Prince Andrew’s Royal Lodge.

A source told the Sun: “It’s fascinating – Charles is now King, Camilla is Queen Consort, William and Kate, the Prince and Princess of Wales

“As for Andrew, there is no new title and apparently no way back into the fold. Instead he just gets the dogs.

“He’s been spending most of it horse riding but will now be able to get out for walks with the dogs too.”

Candy, Muick and Sandy were a source of great joy for the Queen in her later years, and kept her company during lockdown.

Angela Kelly, a former aide to the late monarch, told Hello magazine how the trio “always brought a smile to everyone’s faces.”

Candy and Muick were gifted to the Queen by Andrew and his daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, in February last year when Prince Philip was taken to hospital.

Last June, they then gifted another corgi, Sandy, to keep the royal company.

Throughout her life, Her Majesty had a famed love for corgis, with the breed often seen by her side over the decades.

She had over 30 corgis and liked the breed because of their “energy and untamed spirit.”

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