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23rd Jun 2023

PS6 and new Xbox release dates revealed by Microsoft in court documents

Callum Boyle

PlayStation Xbox

Microsoft say the ‘expected starting period’ of the next generation of consoles will be soon

Microsoft reportedly believe that the next generation of PlayStation and Xbox consoles will be released in 2028.

IGN have claimed that the company revealed, while in court with the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC), that the “expected starting period” for the PS6 and Xbox is to happen in 2028.

If reports are to be accurate, it means the current lifespan of the generation available now (PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S) will have lasted for eight years.

Microsoft and Activision are currently in court alongside the US’ FTC, who are attempting to file a preliminary injuction which would put any plans for developments on new consoles on hold.

The two also face other battles after the UK blocked Microsoft’s attempts to buy Activision, with both expected to appeal the decision. The EU on the other hand approved the deal in May as the duo aim to complete the deal by the end of the month.

Sony have also said that it would hold back any information about the PS6 if the deal ends up going through. This means that any new features that are exclusive to the new PlayStation console may not be as noticeable in Activision games.

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