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11th Sep 2022

Phoebe Bridgers shares post mourning ‘lives destroyed’ during Queen’s reign

April Curtin

INGLEWOOD, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 02: Phoebe Bridgers attends Billboard Women in Music 2022 at YouTube Theater on March 02, 2022 in Inglewood, California. (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Billboard)

Awkwardly, fans actually think they look the same

Phoebe Bridgers shared a post on social media that mourned “all the stolen, violated and traumatized lives” that were “destroyed” while the Queen was in charge.

The US indie-rock singer, 28, shared the message on her Instagram stories on Saturday, which was originally posted on the account of an Indigenous artist initiative called RISEindigenous.

The post said: “Today we mourn all the stolen, violated, and traumatized lives who were affected and destroyed during Qween Elizabeth II’s reign.

“Today is a brutal reminder that war criminals will be honoured while entire populations and societies bear the battle scars of colonial genocidal violence, invasion, religious persecution, and white supremacy.”

Angry followers took to Twitter to describe Bridger’s move as “very insensitive” and something that “could’ve waited” given that the Queen died on Thursday. Meanwhile, others were in agreement with the star.

“phoebe bridgers is my queen,” one wrote.

“Totally, agree with @phoebe_bridgers,” another added, “This queen has destroyed my city in 1956 (Portsaid, Egypt).”

The star and the late monarch were clearly not destined to be close, but weirdly, loads of fans actually seem to think they look alike.

“young queen and phoebe bridgers are not not twins,” one wrote.

Despite the Royal Family’s controversies, crowds of supporters have flocked to castles across the country to pay their respects to the late monarch, with some showing extreme emotion following her death.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex joined the newly-named Prince and Princess of Wales to greet members of the public at Windsor Castle on Saturday, while King Charles III made an appearance outside Buckingham Palace.

On Sunday morning, the Queen’s coffin began a six-hour journey from Balmoral to Edinburgh, before it is flown to London for the funeral.

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