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11th Sep 2022

Queen’s coffin seen for the first time as monarch leaves Balmoral forever

April Curtin

She has left Balmoral for the last time

The Queen’s coffin has been spotted for the first time, as the monarch begins her final journey from Balmoral to London.

Images of the coffin emerged just after 10am on Sunday morning. It has been draped with the yellow Royal Standard of Scotland and a wreath of white flowers.

Following the Queen’s death on Thursday, the coffin had been resting in the Balmoral ballroom so estate workers at her favourite castle could say their final farewells.

Six gamekeepers at Balmoral lifted the oak coffin into a hearse this morning, marking the start of its six hour journey to Edinburgh, before being flown to London.

Crowds of supporters are already gathered along the route, waiting to pay their respects to the late monarch.