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02nd Nov 2023

People have found the perfect comparison for Billie Eilish’s new haircut

Steve Hopkins

Billie’s new haircut is a real statement – on the weather

Having confused the internet a few weeks ago with a large abstract back tattoo, Billie Eilish has now being ridiculed for her hair.

Yes, Billie, famous for dying her hair odd colours, has dyed her hair, odd colours, again.

And the comparisons are quite funny, not to mention, accurate.

The 21-year-old, who has taken home seven Grammys’ amid a host of other prizes, is indisputable a talented performer, but her whacky hairdos, fashion and body art have always divided opinion. Although, a lot of her appeal is based around these very unique decisions and looks.

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Billie’s back tattoo, a mess of rough black lines and patterns from her neck to the small of her back, was largely branded rubbish by social media users, with no one really knowing what it is, or what it might mean. Generally, people though it was drawn by a child. In fact, it is a very fashionable tattoo.

Anyway, the latest drama swirling around Billie, centres around the top of her head. Gone is the red hair of late, now it is green. And yellow. And red. Much like a rainbow lorikeet.

She’s done – well, probably – all of those colours individually, but this might be the first time she’s done them all at once.

In what might be a coincidence, or not, given the UK is being battered by its third storm in recent months, Eilish’s new do is being compared to a weather system.

One person wrore on X: “Look, it looks like the weather forecast on the map of Brazil, Minas is on fire there, huh?”

A second added: “Today’s weather report.”

“It looks like the center of a storm! On a radar system,” a third remarked.

While the Gymshark X account noted: “POV: watching storm Ciaran arrive in the UK.”

You can see a few of Billie’s former looks below.