People are saying Nigel Farage's new Brexit poster resembles Nazi Propaganda 6 years ago

People are saying Nigel Farage's new Brexit poster resembles Nazi Propaganda

Nigel Farage faced accusations of racism on Thursday when many people claimed his new EU referendum poster resembled Nazi propaganda.

As the EU referendum vote nears, the UKIP leader has increased his his media output. Earlier this week he sailed a small naval flotilla on the River Thames as part of a against Remain campaigner Bob Geldof.


This Thursday morning saw Nigel unveil UKIP's latest "LEAVE" poster in London. Running with the headline "Breaking Point", the poster takes a photograph of Syrian refugees crossing the border from Slovenia into Croatia that was taken in October 2015.



Running with the strap line "We must break free of the EU and take Control" striking poster soon stoked opinion on social media channels after one Twitter user, Brendan Harkin  pointed out it drew a comparison between it and Nazi propaganda.


Taking stills of Nazi propaganda as presented in BBC documentary "Auschwitz: The Nazis and 'The Final Solution", many called Farage's attempt to encourage people to vote Leave were xenophobic and racist.

The controversial poster stoked further claims of racism and xenophobia when it was pointed out it appeared to have doctored out white migrants who made the original crossing.

At time of writing, the Leave campaign has a seven point lead in predicted polls. Earlier on Thursday, the Bank of England warned of a potential economic hit setback if the United Kingdom were to leave the UK.


The vote for the EU referendum takes place on Thursday 23 June. If you have questions regarding how the referendum will affect you, please take part of our poll as we look to find experts to help you with any queries.