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06th Oct 2016

Someone’s made a penis Halloween mask so you can be a literal dickhead

Would you wear it?

Carl Anka

Hot on the heels of the Halloween vagina mask comes the penis helmet.

For the dickhead on the go.


The new phallic creation comes to us from eBay retailer eoutletdeal, who is selling the item for the rather reasonable price of £15.99.

Now, are you ready to look at this.

Because it’s a giant penis.

A bit fat erect dick. That you wear on your head.

No turning back.


Penis Mask

One day a real rain will come….

Yep. That’s a thing that exists that you can wear on your head for Halloween (and beyond if you’re into that sort of thing).

Coming (sorry) in two shades – light and dark (although dark looks rather purple for our eyes), the penis mask is made from latex and suitable for most adults.

In fact, let’s let eoutletdeal give you the soft sell on this magical product.

This hilarious mask is shaped and coloured to look like a real penis – and is at the same time hilarious and terrifying!

This is the perfect mask for a fancy dress party (though maybe take it off if there are children).

Realistic looking penis mask with eye holes
Perfect for stag parties, costume parties , indoor outdoor activities.
Great for pranks and gag gift.

Close up penis mask

If you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.

The product is selling now on eBay if you fancy it.

Halloween truly is a wonderful time of year.