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11th Oct 2020

Peckham high street sees impromptu cricket match after bars close at 10pm

The people of Peckham, south east London, turned the high street into a cricket pitch after the pubs emptied at 10pm on Saturday night

Reuben Pinder


The 10pm ‘curfew’ has not worked. It was never going to work. All it’s done is encouraged people to go to the pubs earlier, drink faster, and created a new rush hour in which thousands of intoxicated people cram onto tube trains. It’s completely counter-productive.

But that’s par for the course with this government. Almost everything they’ve done in response to the coronavirus pandemic, they’ve done wrong, badly and too late.

But if there’s one positive to take from recent events, it is the demonstration of community spirit that is still present despite every attempt to turn the public against each other.

That was best seen on Saturday night, as the people of Peckham, having left the local pubs and bars at 10pm, embarked on an impromptu game of cricket in the street.

Footage was captured by James Jones and posted on Twitter as seen below.

We really do live in the strangest of times.

Obviously this sort of activity is not the most social distanced thing in the world. But the people of SE15 are only fulfilling their patriotic duty to get bladdered every Saturday in the name of saving the economy.