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17th Oct 2022

Passengers chanting “Up the Ra” at Dublin Airport condemned for “disgraceful behaviour”

Dave Hanratty

Video of passengers singing “Up the Ra” at Dublin Airport emerged on social media over the weekend

Footage of passengers at Dublin Airport chanting “Up the Ra” hit social media on Saturday night, leading to condemnation from several Irish politicians.

With a UEFA investigation on the way following controversial scenes in the Republic of Ireland dressing room at Hampden Park last week, a certain chant is once again making headlines.

Video footage was widely circulated of players singing a song that contained an “Up the Ra” chant in the aftermath of a dramatic triumph over Scotland that saw Ireland reach next year’s World Cup.

The fallout proved just as sensational, with Sky Sports News presenter Rob Wotton grilling Ireland international Chloe Mustaki on live TV, asking her if she felt “education” was required on “issues like this”. Debate has raged in the days since, with many contending that the team had nothing to apologise for.

Nonetheless, the FAI and Ireland boss Vera Pauw were quick to offer their apologies in the wake of the video emerging online. Away from the football pitch, a new video of a similar nature has stirred things up.

Footage from Dublin Airport shows passengers chanting “Up the Ra”, with several clapping along and dancing to the chant.

Responding to the footage, Fianna Fáil TD Paul McAuliffe encouraged people to stop singing the song.

“We build the case for a united Ireland by creating a shared island,” he said. “One doesn’t necessarily lead to the other but it makes this place we call home a better place for all of us to live.

“Dropping a few lyrics isn’t a great sacrifice to make others feel included and part of us.”

McAuliffe’s colleague Senator Erin McGreehan also moved to condemn the video, stating: “It’s just so so disappointing and upsetting. It’s heartbreaking.”

UK Minister of State for Northern Ireland Steve Baker said he was “deeply shocked and concerned” by the scenes at Dublin Airport. “This is profoundly disrespectful to the victims of terrorism,” he added.

“More disgraceful behaviour,” noted Stephen Farry of the Alliance Party. “We are seeing a growing pattern of incidents in sectarian chants across different parts of society.

“Real dangers in this type of conduct becoming normalised or seen as acceptable.”

Responding to the video, a spokesperson for Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) said that the individuals involved must accept responsibility for their own actions.

“DAA operates Dublin Airport and our top priority is to ensure the safety and security of passengers and staff and to operate the airport in an efficient manner,” said the spokesperson.

“The responsibility for passenger behaviour in this instance rests entirely with the passengers in question.”

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