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21st Apr 2018

Partially deaf and blind dog leads rescuers to his missing three-year-old owner

So much emotions right now...

Alan Loughnane

So much emotions right now…

A deaf and partially blind old blue heeler named Max kept a three-year-old girl safe when she was lost overnight in Australian bushland.

Emergency services began a search on foot and from the air for Aurora after she went missing from the grounds of her rural Queensland around 3pm on Friday.

The search was unsuccessful on Friday, but on Saturday morning the search resumed with around 100 State Emergency Service (SES) volunteers, police and members of the public and Aurora was found by her grandmother, Leisa Marie Bennett.

Bennett said that she heard Aurora faintly around 2km from their house, but Max appeared and led the her to find Aurora safe and well.

Kelly Benston, Leisa Bennett’s partner, expressed their relief on social media, saying the little Aurora had been brave during her ordeal. “She was found off of Old Stanthorpe Rd. Went down a small valley and went up the face of a small mountain and camped there for the night. The dog camped with her. Found around 7:30am by Leisa Marie Bennett and Jaime Tatterton,” he posted on Facebook.

The Queensland Police have inducted Max as an honorary police dog for his services in staying with Aurora and leading rescuers to her.

The posted on social media saying: “SUCH A GOOD BOY, MAX! He stayed with his three-year-old human last night whilst she was lost near Warwick. For keeping her safe until she was found, you’re now an honorary police dog!”