Nigella Lawson trolls Donald Trump on his final day in office 6 months ago

Nigella Lawson trolls Donald Trump on his final day in office

'Bitter Orange Tart'

Donald Trump has departed the White House for the last time. He's gone. He is no longer president. What a historic day.


Everyone's favourite celebrity chef Nigella Lawson marked the occasion with a not-so-sly dig at Trump in the form of her #RecipeOfTheDay.

There are no rules to her daily recipe tweets - they can range from spinach and avocado salad with pumpkin seeds to lemon tendercake with blueberry compote - but on today of all days it could only be one dish.

Bitter Orange Tart.

Do you see what she's done there? Because he's a bitter old man, who wears far too much fake tan, and well, tart is a good insult. Oh you did get the joke. Good, just checking.

"Well, yes, Bitter Orange Tart just happens to be #RecipeOfTheDay," she tweeted.

"Apart from anything else, there are more things to make with Seville oranges than marmalade! This is not complicated: the base is bashed ginger nuts."


Aside from the gag, the dish does look pretty delicious.

Well done Nigella, we stan.

In other Trump related news, if you'd become somewhat immune to the sheer batshitery of his presidency, and forgotten most of the garbage that came out of his mouth, watch this video to refresh your memory.