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19th Jun 2023

‘Mutant pigeon’ with giant feet is leaving people seriously disturbed

Steve Hopkins

‘What in the AI-generated pigeon is that’

A fancy pigeon with giant, fluffy feet is clocking up serious views and ruffling feathers across social media.

While some have dubbed the bird a “mutant pigeon” it is, in fact no Frankenstein.

The robust bird is an English Pouter, a fancy pigeon developed over years of selective breeding, to look, well, like it has giant, fluffy feet.

A video of the bird, walking about on its oversized feet, has been viewed 18.6m times on pigeon-fancying-page, @pigeonstv.

The English Pouter, along with other varieties of domesticated pigeons, are all descendants of the rock pigeon.

The video, which has been reposted to Twitter and Instagram, left people reeling over the revelation not all pigeons have one foot and a stump and hang around outside Greggs.

“What in the AI-generated pigeon is that,” one person asked

You’re telling me that that chickgeon can fly,” asked another.

A third summed it up nicely: “That is one majestic mother-fn pigeon.”

Read more about the breed here.

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