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20th Sep 2021

Mum takes over school board meeting with bizarre anal sex rant

Charlie Herbert

Mum launches into bizarre anal sex rant at school board meeting

The meeting was supposed to be about Covid-19

A mum derailed a school board meeting after she launched into a bizarre rant about a book available in the school’s library that contains explicit and sexual themes.

The meeting, which took place in Austin, Texas on September 15, was initially about Covid-19 issues until Kara Bell decided to derail proceedings by launching an attack at the young adult book Out of Darkness.

After reading out an excerpt from the book, she told the school board: “I do not want my children to learn about anal sex in middle school.”

She continued: “I’ve never had anal sex. I don’t want to have anal sex.

“I don’t want my kids having anal sex. I want you to start focusing on education and not public health.”

Eventually her microphone is muted and her time at the podium is cut short.

Out of Darkness was written by Ashley Hope Perez and published in 2015. The young adult novel tells the story of a love affair between a teenage Mexican American girl and an African-American boy in 1930s Texas, against the backdrop of the 1937 New London School explosion, a tragedy which killed more than 295 students and teachers.

You can see the full tirade below.

She got what she wanted as well, with the board later confirming that the book had been removed from the libraries of two middle schools under its control.

A spokesperson for the district told local news outlet KXAN: “A district possesses significant discretion to determine the content of its school libraries.

“A district must, however, exercise its discretion in a manner consistent with the First Amendment.

“A district shall not remove materials from a library for the purpose of denying students access to ideas with which the district disagrees.

“A district may remove materials, because they are pervasively vulgar or based solely upon the educational suitability of the books in question.”

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