School ordered to pay $1.3million to transgender student after refusing him bathroom access 9 months ago

School ordered to pay $1.3million to transgender student after refusing him bathroom access

The 22-year-old sued the Virginia school for sexual discrimination six years ago. The court has now ruled in his favour

Transgender student and trans rights activist, Gavin Grimm - who took his school to court after they denied him access to the boy's toilets - is set to be paid a huge sum.


Grimm, now 22, was just 16 when he decided to sue the Gloucester County School board for discrimination. Now, six years on and many more feats of activism later, he is set to be paid approximately $1.3 million in legal fees.


Grimm identifies as a male and invoked the civil rights law, Title IX, as well as the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment when he was denied entry to the male bathroom. The laws basically prohibit schools from discriminating "on the basis of sex". Noting the language in the legislation, he dubbed the requirements as "humiliating".

Since then, however, the former Virginia student has taken Gloucester County School to trial twice, winning both times. The latest hearing concluded in June.


Following the high-profile case, Grimm went on to be a notable activist within the LGBTQIA+ community; one man even paid for his college tuition following his commendable efforts as a young teen.

The #IStandWithGavin trend has been regularly circulated on social media over the past few years and was backed by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

Speaking to Insider, Grimm called the lawsuit "vindication."

"The court found that what they did was wrong and it was discrimination and it was not going to go without consequence, and I think that’s fantastic."


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