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18th Jun 2023

Mum gets ruler tattoo on arm to measure partners’ penis sizes

Charlie Herbert

Needless to say, her daughter has been left shocked

A mum has had a ruler tattooed on her arm so that she can measure the penis sizes of her partners.

The design, which runs from her little finger to her elbow, is Tracy Kiss’ 72nd inking and she says it’s already one of her favourites.

If you’re wondering what the unit of measurement she uses is, it’s inches.

Explaining why she got it done, she told the Daily Star: “Just as guys in the past have asked to keep my lingerie, have a naughty selfie or even a piece of my hair, I love that I can now know the exact measurements of what I enjoy so much.

“As my friends don’t have half as many tattoos as me they see my newly inked manhood measure stick as a little extreme and admit that they’d just ask a guy his size or accept his decision not to answer.

“On the other hand, I love it and think it will be incredibly useful in all aspects of life.

“The only question is… do I extend my dots from my thumb to my index finger next so that I can discreetly measure girth at the same time?”

The tattoo runs from her little finger all the way to her elbow, but Kiss says it is not intended to judge men (@tracykissdotcom)

Whilst her friends saw the funny side of the tattoo, it’s safe to say that her teenage daughter was left much more shocked.

In a TikTok talking about her daughter’s reaction, the 34-year-old said: “My daughter was like ‘Oh my god mum, is that what I think it is?’

“And I laughed and measured water bottles and cucumbers like, ‘What? It’s practical!’”

Kiss has more than one million followers on Instagram and makes money by using OnlyFans.

However her new tattoo is not intended to compare or judge men.

She explained: “I know that some men can feel insecure about girls judging the size and performance of their manhood, just as us girls would feel exactly the same ourselves.

“But for me, knowing a guy’s size isn’t about judging or comparing him to others, it’s the finer details that make the experience all the more exciting for me.”

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