Man who spent £75,000 tattooing entire body reveals inside bum was most painful 7 months ago

Man who spent £75,000 tattooing entire body reveals inside bum was most painful

It probably wasn't a fun job for the tattooist either

A man who had spent around £70,000 tattooing his entire body has revealed the most painful area to get inked - the "inside of the bum".


Remy, who got his first facial piercing in 2001 followed by his first tattoo - his son's name in script - in 2009, almost has his entire body covered - bar his face, soles of his feet, and parts of his palms.

The 33-year-old chef from Canada has detailed his body modifications to the Daily Star, revealing he's spent "somewhere around $120,000-130,000 CAD [approximately £70,000-£75,000].


"But including piercings and jewellery I'm well over $150,000 CAD [£87,000]."

He went on to detail where the most painful parts of the body are to be tattooed: "Maybe the inside of the bum, or the deeper regions of the inner thighs, those areas are fairly sensitive."

Remy's extensive collection isn't to everyone's liking, but he doesn't let negative feedback get to him.


"I never get any 'bad' or 'hateful' comments from anyone family or stranger in person," he told the Star.

"I only ever hear those sorts of things from people online, in public I get only positive or curious comments.

"When I receive hate online I either ignore it or wish the hater/troll well, as I'm big enough to realise what's upset them isn't me." He added: "I realise something else is unfulfilled or bothering them in their personal life."

Ramy's advice to others beginning their own tattoo journey - take your time.


"I would say not to be in a hurry," he said, adding that, as the saying goes, enjoy the journey.

"And if you do this as a marathon rather than a sprint you'll have a lot better time, and make better memories."

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