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29th May 2024

McDonalds launches major menu change today with brand new burger


There’s a new lineup at Maccies

McDonald’s has launched its new summer menu from today (May 29), which features some brand new offerings and the return of some fan favourites.

Leading the new lineup is the brand-new Hat Trick burger which, as the name suggests, is made up of three beef patties, along with two slices of cheese, grilled onions, mustard and ketchup sandwiched in a sesame seed bun. This will set you back £5.89, or £7.69 for a meal deal.

Alongside the brand new burger, the Chicken Sharebox is also making a welcome return this summer. For those of you who aren’t aware of this chicken cornucopia, it’s features six Chicken Selects, 12 Chicken McNuggets, two McNugget dips and two Selects dips.

And if that sounds like just a bit too much chicken for you, then the Nine Chicken Selects Sharebox might be more up your street, which comes with three dips.

The dips are getting some upgrades as well, with fans now able to enjoy “new and improved” Garlic Mayo, Sweet and Smoky BBQ, and Sweet Chilli.

The Hat Trick burger is leading the new Maccies lineup (McDonald’s)

Meanwhile, there’s a welcome return for the much-loved Mozzarella Bites as well. Costing £2.39, the cheesy snacks are encased in a crispy coating and come with a tomato dip

And for those of you who have a sweet tooth, the iconic McFlurry just got a candy makeover. The new Skittles McFlurry is coming to menus which sees the traditional McFlurry mixed with chewy Skittles fudge pieces, sugary pearls and topped with purple Skittles-flavoured sauce.

Those wanting a chocolate fix can enjoy the Galaxy Caramel McFlurry at £2.19.

Maccies have also added the Galaxy Chocolate and Raspberry Pie, for £1.99, which is a crispy chocolate pastry filled with chocolate ganache and a raspberry compote.

The new menu also sees the start of a new Happy Meal trial at some stores.

If the trial is successful, it will be rolled out across the country.

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