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26th Aug 2022

Martin Lewis warns ‘people will die this winter’ as energy bill price cap soars 80%

Danny Jones

Martin Lewis: 'people will die this winter'

He is calling on the UK government to take immediate action

Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis has warned that “people will die this winter” as Britain braces for untenably high energy bills.

Taking to social media after Ofgem announced a price cap increase of 80 percent, which will see the annual bill shoot up to £3,549 for the average UK household, Lewis issued a stark warning to his followers.

Defending himself against claims of “doom-mongering”, he said that what many have labelled as “catastrophising” has now come true and he believes that if the poorest families don’t get urgent help, “people will die this winter due to unaffordability”.

Lewis has been highly vocal throughout the current energy and cost of living crisis and was even forced to issue an apology after he called the UK’s energy regulator a “f***ing disgrace” following a previous update from the non-ministerial government department.

Appearing on a number of news programmes following this latest news, the financial guru once again stood his ground over complaints around a BBC Radio 4 broadcast in which he spoke to an 80-year-old lady who said “we’d be better off dead”.

Replying to one of his critics, he simply wrote: “Not sure how much more I could frighten her”.

Speaking during an interview on BBC Breakfast, Lewis went on to say that he is “begging” for the UK government, Ofgem and energy companies themselves to intervene, citing that the £400 energy discount in October is simply no way near enough.

Moreover, he went on to say that allowing people to “stare into the pit of financial doom… without offering them the torch at the end of the tunnel is [also] terrible for people’s mental health”.

He is now urging people to share his company’s price cap rise calculator, a vital resource which will help individual homes evaluate just how much they will be expected to pay in the coming months.

You can calculate your energy bill below.

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