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12th Oct 2015

Marmite is no longer the most loved and hated food in the UK

Tom Victor

Love it or hate it, Marmite has a pretty clear USP.

But the divisive foodstuff looks to have been overtaken in the one area none of us saw coming.

Maybe it’s because we’re cutting out carbs and no longer need something to put (or avoid putting) on our toast, or maybe it’s because we’ve got so used to the stuff that we’ve become ambivalent to its unusual charms.

But Marmite is no longer the most polarising food for British palates.

That honour now goes to curry, according to a survey from the BBC Good Food magazine.

Crisis In Curry Industry Over Home Office Restrictions

While we might question the idea of being able to group all curries as one, it is nevertheless the fifth most-loved foodstuff in the UK and the fourth most-hated.

It leaves Marmite, 74th and seventh respectively, trailing in its wake.

Pasta also runs curry close, as the second most-loved (behind chicken) and the sixth most-hated.

Probably time to take that Marmite curry bolognese off the menu for the staff Christmas party.