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27th Oct 2022

Marijuana company is being sued for not getting people high enough

Charlie Herbert

Marijuana company sued for not getting people high enough

They have accused the company of false advertising and misleading them

A pair of weed-lovers are suing a marijuana company because the product didn’t get them high enough.

The two men have filed a lawsuit in a state court against DreamFields Brands, claiming that the California-based company misled its consumers about the THC content of its products.

THC is the psychoactive compound in marijuana that gets you high.

The lawsuit, which was filed last week, alleges that DreamFields Brands committed a number of frauds including false advertising and misrepresentation when marketing its cannabis products.

Jasper Centeno of Long Beach and Blake Wilson of Fresno are arguing that they were misled about the THC content of the products.

The plaintiffs representation, Christin Cho, said in a statement: “Consumers are willing to pay more for cannabis products with higher THC content, and expect to pay less for cannabis products with lower THC content.

“The Complaint alleges that by labelling its products with inflated THC numbers, Defendants are overcharging consumers. Plaintiffs brought this to protect California consumers to protect cannabis consumers from being overcharged.”

The recreational use of cannabis has been legal in California since 2016 (Getty)

The products in question are the DreamFields’ Jeeter pre-rolls.

According to the lawsuit, tone of the products which was advertised as having a THC content of 46 percent actually contained between 23 percent and 27 percent, as revealed in an independent laboratory test.

The lawsuit also cites the findings of Weed Week, which tested cannabis products to determine their respective THC levels. They found that the amount of THC in the product was significantly lower than that which was advertised.

Centeno and Wilson said that they were overcharged for the products which they paid a ‘premium price’ in order to experience the effects of higher levels of THC.

It is not known exactly how much the men paid for the products, and they are suing the cannabis company for an undisclosed amount.

The recreational use of cannabis in California has been legal since 2016. and the LA Times reports that the state has become the biggest legal marijuana market in the world.

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