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08th Oct 2021

Man wakes from coma to reveal bad dream where he was ‘forced to be a Tesco delivery driver with a really crap van’

Steve Hopkins

The dream also featured a dwarf!

A cancer sufferer woke from an 11-day induced coma to reveal he had one long bad dream – where he was “forced to be a Tesco delivery driver with a really crap van”.

Paul Luttrell was put on a ventilator after contracting Covid and was not expected to survive.

But after defying the odds to recover the former builder has given a unique insight into the continuous delirium that came with being comatose.

The 52-year-old said, in his dream state, he was “kidnapped” by a gang, led by a dwarf, and feared for his life at every moment. Part of his “torture” was that he was made to work as a slave, delivering food for Tesco to earn his captors money, making deliveries in a clapped-out old banger of a van.

The father-of-five was diagnosed with myeloma, a cancer of the blood and bone marrow, three years ago that destroyed his kidneys. He was taken ill from Covid during a regular dialysis session.

Luttrell said he doesn’t remember anything else until coming around three weeks later.

“It was pretty hellish. I did not get to see my family or say goodbye and was put in an induced coma for 11 days,” he said, adding: “I remember the dreams so clearly – like crystal.”

Luttrell says, in his dream, he was kidnapped by a gang in London who put a hood over his head and then took him to a garage where a defibrillator was used to “torture me”.

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“They then made me get a job as a Tesco delivery driver but I had to give all my money and wages to them. I only had this crappy van, doors hanging off the back but I had to get on with it and earn more money to give straight to them.

“The leader of the gang was a dwarf who kept demanding ‘I want more money.’ I then also started selling acid tabs. It was all so bizarre I don’t know where it all came from. But I was hallucinating and could not escape.

“They wanted me to look after a prostitute. I remember what she looks like and every thing. My job was to protect her from guys getting too frisky with her.”

Luttrell said the dream went on “continuously”, and only proceeded to get weirder and included a sign saying “you are dead”.

The father of five said his family thought they would have to “bury him” after he was put straight into isolation during the dialysis session on July 26. His oxygen levels had dropped to just 60 and the last thing he remembers was paramedics turning up in hazmat suits.

Luttrell has needed help with a physio and phycologist since he came out and has had to teach himself to eat and walk again.

He was discharged on August 26 and is still recovering at home.